Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Facility Full Secondary and Digester Expansion Project, City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works



City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works


Architectural Design; Civil/Structural Design; Electrical Design; Instrumentation; Process Control Design; Mechanical Design; Start-Up; Operations Planning; Contract Preparation; Facility Testing; Provide Technical Guidance in Thermodynamics; Interagency Coordination; Special Studies and Technical Tasks

The Hyperion Plant currently treats most of the wastewater generated in the City of Los Angeles and in several cities and unincorporated areas in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This major renovation and expansion program culminates two decades of effort on the local, state, and federal levels to upgrade the aging Hyperion Plant. The Hyperion Plant occupies a 144-acre site adjacent to Santa Monica Bay, near Los Angeles International Airport. The original plant was completed in 1949 and expanded in 1956 with an average flow of 400 million gallons per day (mgd). All wastewater receives primary treatment, and 100 mgd receive secondary treatment. DRC assisted the city with the permitting process and with evaluating alternatives to fulfill the plant’s required treatment capacity. This project is designed to provide a comprehensive renovation of the entire facility, along with expanding the site’s secondary treatment capacity. The net effect will be reductions in the discharge of pollutants to Santa Monica Bay, despite a large increase in the amount of wastewater treated.