Hyperion Solids Handling Capital Improvements Program – City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation



City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works



Mechanical Engineering; Start-up and Operations Assistance; Regulatory Compliance & Monitoring; Thermodynamics and fluid flow; Operational Research and Testing; Air Emissions Testing; Construction Management

DRC supported the completion of the energy-related components of the Hyperion Solids Handling Capital Improvements Program. Such services included, but were not limited to:

  • Providing startup and operations assistance to support the operation of the Sludge Combustion Facility and other Solids Handling facilities;
  • Guiding, directing, assisting, and supervising the Solids Technology Resource Recovery Division to establish test protocols, contract preparation, testing and any required system modifications to meet regulatory requirements for the CIP projects;
  • Assisting with coordinating activities with the Hyperion laboratory staff in performing emissions tests; and
  • Providing technical guidance, assistance, and supervision in thermodynamics and fluid flow as needed to solve problems related to the CIP projects.

DRC personnel interfaced and coordinated with federal, state, and local governmental representatives and industrial and professional groups as directed by the Program Director. DRC provided on-site air emission sampling, conforming to standard SCAQMD- and EPA-approved methods, of the FBG flue gas and the GTG exhaust gases at the facility. DRC performed SCAQMD and EPA-approved laboratory analyses for specific compounds.