Solids Technology Resource Recovery (S.T.R.R.) Project, City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation



City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works



Construction Management; Architectural Design; Mechanical Design; Electrical Design; Control Systems and Instrumentation Engineering; Start-up and Commissioning Support

D R Consultants & Designers, Inc. (DRC) is involved in the engineering, construction management, and start up & commissioning of various facilities and pipelines at the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Solids Technology Resource Recovery Project (S.T.R.R.) through the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation includes public works and industrial use structures for recovering energy from the solids and gas captured in the waste treatment process. DRC’s services have been used at various facilities, including a steam drying facility, two centrifuge facilities, gas flare control buildings, an electrical distribution/switching facility, and numerous liquid and gas pipelines. This project consists of bio-solids combustion projects, off-site solids management, alternatives fuels program, bio-solids drying projects, air emissions management, and improving design capabilities. DRC’s engineering personnel assisted with designing ancillary pipelines for these facilities. These designs included carbon steel sludge lines, ductile iron and carbon steel water lines, stainless steel steam lines, and PVC chemical lines. Our construction management personnel oversaw the construction, scheduling, and cost estimating of various facilities and pipelines, remediated contaminated soil, and replaced double-walled gasoline storage tanks. DRC personnel have analyzed the contractor’s Site Safety Health and Emergency response plan, assisted with inspecting construction work, and supervised potholing operations to locate chemical, waste, and pressurized gas lines. DRC also is providing on-site air emissions sampling of the FBG flue gas and the GTG exhaust gases at Hyperion. All samplings conform to standard SCAQMD- and EPA-approved methods. DRC is performing SCAQMD- and EPA-approved laboratory analyses for the specified compounds and calculating, as appropriate, the concentration and emission rates for the specified compounds by source. DRC is producing all written reports, summarizing and detailing the air emission procedures.