Griffith Park – Fern Dell Drive Facility, Water Distribution System Design, Los Angeles, CA

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City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power



Civil Engineering; Pumping/Piping Design; Electrical Engineering; Instrumentation & Control; Aesthetic Design/Sustainability; Project Administration; Construction Drawings; Construction Details; Equipment Lists; Construction Oversight

DRC designed and oversaw construction of an aesthetically pleasing, permanent man-made stream and water feature in Griffith Park. LADWP operates the Fern Dell Drive Facility water feature, a popular picnic and walking destination for the park’s visitors. Our team produced a detailed design and construction package that included all necessary construction drawings, details, and equipment lists. The feature consists of a stream lined with cedars, pines, and other flora and fauna and incorporates small waterfalls, pools, and bridges. Its water supply comes from a municipal water line as a closed system, re-circulating water continuously with a pumping station and a piping network to the existing creek. Under the configuration, the storm water outlet from the system is not available for routine flushing, but only during storm events that exceed the facility’s capacity. The existing storm water bypass channel is being maintained. The pipeline extends from the pump station at the downstream end of the creek to an existing pond just above a playground at the upper end of the facility. The Fern Dell system has a series of weirs that facilitate a 190-foot elevation drop. These features generate sufficient aeration to prevent concentrations of dissolved oxygen.