Silver Lake Headworks Reservoir, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), Los Angeles, California

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City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)



Research; Design Yard Piping; Coordination Meetings; Project Management; Hydrology and Hydraulic Planning; QA/QC; Cost Estimates; Construction Support and Management; LADWP Office Support;



DRC’s services for LADWP’s Silver Lake Headworks project included designs of the inlet pipelines, outlet pipelines, air vacuum vault, underslab drains, rooftop drains, a discharge pipe to the adjacent river, drainage facilities, and other miscellaneous designs. During the preliminary design phase, DRC recommended eliminating the air vacuum vault and realigning several pipelines, demonstrating that those facilities were unnecessary. LADWP staff evaluated and accepted DRC’s recommendation and designs. Below is a commendation: “By the way, DRC’s Dr. [Fang Maw] Lee more than justified his pay (in the short time that he worked with us) with his idea of removing from the design the ‘air gap’ vault. After a careful evaluation of his suggestion, we [concluded] that in fact the air gap vault was not needed. This design change, in my opinion, will save LADWP at least a couple of million dollars in construction and a few more million in operation costs during the life of the project.”

Raul Banuelos, PE, Manager of Major Projects Water Engineering & Technical Services Div., Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

 The LADWP contracted a member of DRC’s senior staff to provide shoring design during the excavation of the project’s Hydroelectric Power Station, which was difficult due to the site’s wet soil conditions. The excavation is approximately 35 feet deep, 270 feet long, and 70 to 80 feet wide. The shoring consists of steel soldier piles and timber lagging with grouted anchors (tiebacks) in the soil around the excavation.