Climate Change Study on the Los Angeles Aqueduct System, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), Los Angeles, California



City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)



Research and Review; Coordination Meetings; Adaptation Measures; Below Ground Aquifer Identification; Above Ground Storage Identification; Development Support; Infrastructure Identification; General Operational Analysis; Cost Estimates



DRC reviewed draft reports regarding the hydrologic and hydraulic modeling performed under future climate change scenarios and identified specific scenarios to be considered for adaptation planning. The goal was to develop conceptual-level information. Our team identified two locations along the Los Angeles Aqueduct for potential aquifer storage and recovery sites to provide 400,000 acre-feet of underground storage and developed above ground infrastructure requirements for transporting, temporarily storing, and recovering water for those sites. The storage sites were to be within 10 miles of the aqueduct. DRC worked from U.S. Geological Survey maps, other topographic maps, and information provided by the client. DRC provided conceptual design and cost estimates for the above ground and underground injection infrastructure. DRC identified opportunities for increasing or providing surface storage in at least two locations and identified existing reservoir sites for analysis. We developed pipeline infrastructure, aqueduct connections, gravity flow investigations, and other conceptual-level information, including costs, for conveyance to the site from the Aqueduct. DRC also identified opportunities to enhance conveyance capacity of the Los Angeles Aqueduct immediately downstream of Haiwee Reservoir, including developing conceptual designs and cost estimates.