Fuel Oil Piping Modifications, General Services Administration

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General Services Administration


Mechanical Engineering; Design Evaluation; Contract Specifications; CADD Drawings; Construction Cost Estimates


DRC provided mechanical engineering services during an underground fuel storage tank removal and fuel oil piping modification project for the General Services Administration (GSA). Our team conducted a field inspection to evaluate the fuel piping systems within the U.S. Appraisers facility, located in San Francisco. DRC evaluated design considerations and prepared contract specification sections for removing, replacing, and modifying the existing system and obtained equipment specifications and field measurements for calculations, drawings, and cost estimates. DRC also prepared scaled drawings, plans, elevations, and sections for production of working drawings. CADD drawings included an equipment room floor plan for piping demolition, schematics of existing and new piping systems, and details as necessary to describe design intent. DRC provided a construction cost estimate for fuel oil piping work that included costs for labor, materials, and equipment for each trade.



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