Energy Newsletters and Media Placement, United States Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC), Port Hueneme, California



U.S. Navy Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC)


Media Outreach; Marketing Management; Energy Awareness Education; Technical Writing; Interagency Coordination


The U.S. Navy Energy Awareness Program publicizes the goals of the Navy Energy Program, increases Naval military and civilian employees’ knowledge of energy efficiency and conservation, develops programs for Navy personnel to think and function with more energy efficiency, and assists Navy activities in meeting energy reduction goals through awareness education. DRC developed and distributed the publication Energized, a four-page monthly newsletter distributed to the Navy’s energy managers worldwide. Each month, DRC researched, wrote, edited, illustrated, and produced the publication. DRC also conducted various media outreach activities, including researching, writing, editing and distributing articles for federal and private-sector publications regarding Navy energy program news and developments. DRC provided quality assurance on the address database for various energy awareness mailings. DRC was solely responsible for working with the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center and database contacts to update applicable information.



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