Energy Evaluation and Analysis of HVAC Usage, 2 Office Buildings, Los Angeles, California



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Independent Review of Maintenance Records Energy Evaluation and Analysis



DRC performed an independent review of a report identifying numerous items to repair or replace at two commercial properties in Los Angeles. DRC delivered an objective evaluation of the maintenance and program at both locations to resolve a dispute between a tenant and its facility maintenance contractor DRC’s evaluation included:

  • A full review of the original inspection report;
  • An on-site inspection of the facilities;
  • Interviews with the maintenance supervisor, maintenance engineer, others who performed contract work, and the HVAC manufacturer;
  • A visit to the facilities of the manufacturer and distributor to obtain first-hand information on maintenance requirements and life expectancies; and
  • A review of published literature on the equipment.

DRC also prepared an energy estimate for one building to change its operating hours to 24/7. An order of magnitude energy and maintenance cost increase was needed to determine if an increased tenant billing was warranted and possible justification for increased metering and maintenance management controls.



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