Cross Connection Prevention Program, Civil Utility Engineering Services, Los Angeles, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD)

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Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California


Study and Design; Propose air valve enclosures; Civil Engineering; Collection of flood stage records; Preparation of drawings; Utility drawings

Federal and state law requires water suppliers to protect their water systems from contamination and pollution. Under the California Code of Regulations, all water purveyors must have a Cross-Connection Control Program. Unprotected cross-connections can contaminate potable water on a customer’s property or the distribution system from backflow. Many situations can create backflow. DRC studied, designed, and proposed the type of secure, aesthetically compatible, and environmentally acceptable enclosures for above ground air valves at sites containing 425 structures within the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District. One-hundred air release valves and 200 combination air release/air vacuum valves were relocated above ground. These structures also had 100 blow-offs and 25 air stacks. For each site, DRC designers prepared base drawings and incorporated underground utility information into the topographic survey site maps or Metropolitan B drawings. DRC submitted the drawings fully compliant with the Metropolitan CAD standards. .




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