Weymouth Oxidation Retrofit Project – Design Services, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD)



Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California



Preliminary Design; Civil Engineering; Evaluation of water demand; Estimate of future demand; Recommendations; Progress Meetings; Workshops; Preliminary Design Report; Utility drawings

The F.E. Weymouth Filtration Plant in La Verne, California, is among the largest filtration plants in the United States. It delivers up to 520 million gallons per day (mgd). DRC provided preliminary design and engineering services for domestic and utility water facilities. The domestic water and fire water requirements for the existing Weymouth Filtration Plant were supplied primarily by three VFD 685-1800 gpm pumps at the Finished Water Reservoir (FWR). The FWR supplies the additional service water and fire water demands of the Oxidation Retrofit Project (ORP). DRC conducted a preliminary evaluation of the increased demand for domestic and fire water to serve the, then, proposed ORP Facility. DRC experts concluded that a fourth VFD 685-1800 gpm pump should be installed at the FWR to satisfy the future demand for service water and firewater at the ORP facility to ensure reliable service and standby pumping capacity during normal operations. DRC prepared drawings that demonstrated the addition of the new VFD 685-1800 gpm pump, which was intended to be identical to the three existing pumps. The new pump was connected to the existing manifold piping so that all four pumps can work together to serve the needs of the entire plant for service water, potable water, and firewater requirements.