San Pasqual Water Reclamation Plant, City of San Diego, Wastewater Treatment Division



City of San Diego Wastewater Treatment Division



Construction Management Services; Cost and Scheduling Management; Site Observations; Document Management

DRC provided construction management services for the San Pasqual Water Resources Reclamation Plant project, as the principal subcontractor on the Black & Veatch team. This project is an integral part of the City of San Diego’s Total Resource Recovery Program. As part of overall construction phase services, DRC’s project representative and support personnel conducted site observations, served as liaison with the city and other project contractors, prepared cost and scheduling information, established and attended all project-related meetings, completed project reports, and performed document review and maintenance. DRC’s project engineer, primarily, observed the progress of work and supported the Resident Engineer (RE) with ensuring that work proceeded according to the construction contract documents. His role as a liaison was instrumental in keeping this complex and highly visible project on schedule and on budget. Deficiencies in any work related to compliance with project drawings, specifications, and design concepts were recorded, discussed with the RE, and resolved. Pertinent site conditions that affected the integrity of the site or altered the planned work or activities of the contractors were observed, recorded, and monitored. Additional site observations and liaison activities included reviewing the contractors’ construction sequence and traffic control plans for all construction work undertaken simultaneously. This information was compared with the schedule of activities of the utilities in the general project area to minimize conflicts with proposed project construction work. DRC personnel reviewed documents and reports and evaluated the contractors’ applications for payment in relation to the schedule of values, work completed, and materials and equipment delivered to the site. The advice given to the RE determined final payment or rejection and correction of deficiencies. Weekly progress reports containing a summary of the contractors’ progress, general condition of work, problems, and resolutions or proposed resolutions of problems were prepared and submitted to the RE. DRC staff prepared for and attended monthly progress meetings and other meetings deemed necessary by the RE, the city, and contractors to review and discuss construction procedures and progress scheduling, engineering management procedures, and other project matters. DRC maintained a marked set of record drawings and specifications at the job site based on data supplied by the contractors. This information was used to compile a master set of record documents and a daily log of events. DRC’s experience in multi-task projects was a prime reason the San Pasqual Water Resources Reclamation Plant project was completed on-time and on-budget. Our partnering approach, creating a strong “team” environment with effective communication throughout, integrated project cost and schedule efficiently, minimizing or eliminating cost overruns and schedule delays.