Rear Berths 136-139 Terminal Buildings and Main Gate Construction Support, Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California



Port of Los Angeles


Construction Support, Meetings, Site Visits, and Observations, Clarifications and Requests for Information (RFI), Shop Drawings and Submittals, Claim Review, Construction Document Revisions, Deliverables.

$71.5 million

The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners approved construction contracts for two major projects that have advanced modernization of the marine container terminal operated by longtime tenant, TraPac, Inc. The projects are vital components of the Port of Los Angeles’s (POLA) overall capital improvement program. The first contract was for new buildings and a state-of-the-art truck entrance and exit gates at TraPac’s rear Berths 136-139. DRC provided engineering support during the construction phase, partnering with POLA Engineering Division and mentoring its staff while working with the Project Manager. The work included a new administration building designed to meet US Green Building Council’s LEED-Gold standard, a new yard operations building, truck scales, and a pedestrian bridge. Adjacent projects with which Rear Berths 136-139 Terminal Expansion were coordinated with Berths 145-147 Backland Improvements (Phase 1B), Pier A Street Sewer, the South Wilmington Grade Separation, and Berth 200 Yard Track Connector. DRC tasks during the construction phase included:

  • Attending pre-construction and construction progress meetings, preparing minutes;
  • Conducting and recording observations of site visits;
  • Clarifying contract documents and responding to Requests for Information (RFIs);
  • Reviewing shop drawings and submittals to ensure contract compliance with design, specifications, materials, equipment, etc.;
  • Revising contract documents as necessary to correct errors or omissions, resolve unforeseen field conditions, comply with necessary permit conditions or address other occurrences during construction;
  • Reviewing claims and advising the city accordingly; and
  • Providing deliverables.