Engineering Support Services for the Berths 136-147 TraPac Project, Port of Los Angeles



Port of Los Angeles


Engineering support, As-built record drawings preparation, Design support

$71.5 Million

The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners approved construction contracts for two major projects that have advanced modernization of the marine container terminal operated by longtime tenant, TraPac, Inc. The projects are vital components of the Port of Los Angeles’s (POLA) overall capital improvement program. DRC assisted POLA’s Engineering Division with preparing as-built record drawings and design for miscellaneous outstanding as-built projects and the Berths 136-147 TraPac project. Deliverables included engineering drawings of site plans, sections, elevations, typical details, etc. The project included an expanded container terminal, deeper berths, longer and improved wharves, replacing existing cranes, new terminal buildings and facilities, a new on-dock intermodal rail yard, a relocated Pier A rail yard, an improved Harry Bridges Boulevard, and a 30-acre buffer area adjacent to Harry Bridges Boulevard. Most of the improvements occurred on the 176 acres operated by TraPac. The proposed terminal expansion area is bounded by Harry Bridges Boulevard, the existing terminal, and the Pier A rail yard. Other proposed project components would occur in the area between “C” Street and Harry Bridges Boulevard, and the area adjacent to Berths 200C – 200H. Major construction elements of the proposed project included dredging to deepen the berthing areas; renovating 3,000 feet of wharf; constructing 705 feet of new wharf; redeveloping 57 acres of additional land into container terminal backlands; constructing a new on-dock rail yard and relocating the existing Pier A rail yard; and filling 10 acres of the Northwest Slip to create additional backlands and wharf.