Airport Metro Connector 96th Street Transit Station, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority – Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority



Engineering Design Documentation

Research Existing Utilities

Plans for Construction Relocation of Existing Gas and Electrical Lines


Given the high volume of daily vehicular trips to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the absence of a convenient rail connection, the goal of the proposed project is to increase transit ridership and provide reliable and convenient transit options to and from the airport.


D R Consultants and Designers is providing contract plans for the construction of the on-site dry utility lines (natural gas and electrical) for the Airport Metro Connector (AMC) Transit Station that will connect LAX to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) regional rail system. The station’s additional benefits will include connection to a planned LAX Automated People Mover that Los Angeles World Airports will build and operate, consolidation of bus transit services in the LAX area, and several pedestrian and bicycle amenities.


The AMC Transit Station Project Area is generally bounded by Manchester Avenue to the north, Aviation Boulevard to the east, Century Boulevard to the south, and Bellanca Avenue to the west.  Nearby land uses are generally related to LAX and include hotels, parking lots, commercial uses, and industrial uses.