Knoll Hill Road Widening, Site Improvement and Retaining Wall Design, Port of Los Angeles, Caltrans, District 7



Port of Los Angeles


Roadway Design, Parking Lot and Site Design, Grading, Retaining Wall Design, Utility Design, Construction Support

As prime consultant, DRC was tasked with providing conceptual, preliminary design, and all Signature Design Phases for the Knoll Hill Park Improvement Project. Work included preparing Construction Documents (plans, specifications, and estimates) for widening and reconstructing Knoll Hill Road and for site development at the top of the hill. The project included over half a mile of roadway widening and realignment, site design, and grading for three Little League baseball fields, utility design and relocations, parking lot design, and construction of retaining walls. The design challenge for this project was balancing the earthwork, as a result of cutting the hillside, to accommodate the roadway widening and at the same time limiting fill on the other side. DRC designed the project in strict accordance with City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering design criteria and CADD standards. Design consideration included requirements from other public agencies such as, but not limited to, Department of Building and Safety, Fire Department, and Department of Public Works. DRC services included project management, retaining walls, road widening and realignment, grading and drainage design, permitting, cost estimating, plans and specifications. DRC also provided engineering support during construction. The project required opening for baseball eight months after the work began.