Hansen Dam Recreation Design Project, A-E Services for Grading and Storm Drain Plans



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District


Field Investigations; Design Documentation Reports; Final Design Plans; Specifications; Construction Cost Estimation; CALTRANS Encroachment Permitting; Criteria and Standards for Design; Project coordination

As prime consultant, DRC delivered A-E Services for a grading and storm drain plan preparation for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District. DRC’s full-time Resident Engineer and support personnel conducted field investigations, prepared final Design Plans and Estimates, consisting of contract drawings, specifications, quantity/cost estimates, engineering considerations, and instructions to field personnel. DRC also obtained permits and generated Quality Control Plans to construct grading for flood Storage and sub-drainage diversion. DRC’s full-time Resident Engineer, primarily, observed the work progress and determined if it proceeded according to the contract documents. His opinions and suggestions alongside his key role as a liaison for the Corps and the sponsor(s) kept this complex and highly visible project on schedule and on budget. Any deficiencies in the contractors work relating to compliance with project drawings, specifications, and design concepts were recorded, and resolved. Pertinent site conditions were observed, recorded, and monitored. Site layouts were confirmed and off-site drainage was researched with the city and CALTRANS. Meetings were held frequently with CALTRANS to review available hydrology/flow data before final design. The Resident Engineer prepared Preliminary Grading Plans, Site Grading Specifications, Profile and Specifications to meet the requirements of the Corps and Sponsor(s) as well as Engineer’s Quantity and Cost Estimates for the construction phase.