Grade Separation and Gap Closure Design Project, City of El Segundo, CA



City of El Segundo


Preliminary Engineering, PUC Application, Surveys/Base Mapping, Geotechnical Investigation, Hydrology Reports, Utility Coordination/Verification, Improvement Plans, Profiles & Details  Meetings.

D R Consultants (DRC) provided engineering services for the Grade Separation and Gap Closure for the City of El Segundo. Our team prepared and submitted to the city several hydrology studies and reports, based on Los Angeles County Flood Control standards, and collected recent site studies from city-approved developments within the vicinity of the site. Other tasks included updating utility contracts, searching records of the site, and defining all utility conflicts attributable to the project’s construction. Engineers conducted meetings and preliminary discussions with private property owners that the project impacted, coordinated activities with public agencies and the Rosecrans Coalition at the city’s direction. DRC also supported the city with coordinating the environmental documentation open house and preparing exhibits for the meeting for the city’s staff-hosted events. Two plan/profile sheets and cogo batch input files for establishing the proposed Douglas Street centerline were developed for the proposed Gap Closure. Storm drainage plans, profiles, and details also were prepared to determine if connections to the existing system could be implemented to reduce run-off. DRC’s civil engineers observed the general progress of work and determined if the work proceeded according to the contract documents. They recorded and resolved any deficiencies in the contractors work regarding compliance with project drawings, specifications, and design concepts. DRC’s experience in multi-task projects, efficiently integrating project cost and schedule, was a prime reason the Grade Separation project was completed on-time and on-budget. This approach established effective communication and developed a strong “team” environment that eliminated cost overruns and schedule delays.