East Mission Gorge Interceptor Sewer System Force Main – City of San Diego

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City of San Diego



Resident Engineering; Scheduling; Cost Estimating; Field Inspection; Change Orders Coordination; Completion Compliance

This project relieved the East Mission Gorge Interceptor Sewer of excess flows and served as a reclaimed water line for the city's Clean Water program. DRC’s work included: Site Observations and Liaison with City Owner and Contractor(s):

  • Conducted onsite observations of the work’s general progress to ensure work adhered to the construction contract documents and when Contractor’s operations affected Owner’s onsite operation

Engineer Liaison with the Contractor:

  • Interpreted construction contract documents, transmitted clarifications and interpretations to the Contractor
  • Obtained from the Owner additional details or information when required at the job-site for proper execution of the work
  • Provided opinions and suggestions based on observations regarding defects or deficiencies in the Contractor’s work
  • Monitored for apparent changes in the integrity of the site resulting from construction-related activities
  • Observed site conditions when the Contractor stated that differing site conditions have been encountered
  • Coordinated the Contractor’s schedule with the utilities in the general construction area
  • Observed field tests of equipment, structures, and piping and commented on the reports
  • Provided Certified Welding Inspector to certify the welds on the force main, as required by the city’s Building Inspection Department

 Meetings, Reports, and Document Review and Maintenance:

  • Attended the pre-construction conference and assisted the Engineer with explaining administration procedures to be followed during construction
  • Attended monthly progress and other meetings when required with the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor to review and discuss construction procedures, progress scheduling, engineering management procedures and other matters concerning the project
  • Prepared and submitted weekly construction progress reports containing a summary of the Contractor’s progress, the general conditions of the work, any problems and their resolutions or proposed resolutions
  • Reviewed applications for payment with the Engineer, comparing their relation to the schedule of values with work completed, materials and equipment delivered at the site, but not incorporated into the work
  • Maintained a marked set of record drawings and specifications at the jobsite based on data provided by the Contractor
  • Reviewed certificates of inspections, testing and related approvals submitted by the Contractor to ensure compliance with laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, codes, orders, and the contract documents