Construction Support San Pedro Waterfront, Downtown Harbor



Port of Los Angeles


Project Controls, Document Controls, Communication Support

Located along the Port of Los Angeles’s (POLA) main shipping channel, the Downtown Harbor in San Pedro is the centerpiece of a greater “LA Waterfront” Master Plan and includes the Maritime Museum, Crowley Tugboat Company, Fire Station #112, the historic USS Iowa, and a Red Car Trolley station. The installation created a new harbor inlet for vessels to dock. Surrounding the inlet is a modern town square, featuring new landscaping, lighting, historic marine artifacts, promenades, event plazas, landings, an overlook pier to watch the passing of working ships and vessels in the port, and public art. The waterside improvements have brought water closer to the existing activities in Downtown San Pedro. Dredging this new harbor, using equipment that significantly reduced emissions, moved the water’s edge approximately 200 feet west to the new edge of the Promenade, closer to the downtown community. Materials excavated to make the new water basin have been used to fill the site of a Port rail project. The project included the construction of new sea walls, floating docks, and access gangways. DRC performed the following services: