Construction Support, Backland Improvements, Berths 144-145, Phase 1C Port of Los Angeles



Port of Los Angeles


Engineering support, As-built record drawings preparation, Design support, Site plans, sections, elevations, typical details

$32 million

This Port of Los Angeles project involved designing and building approximately 21 acres of backland. Work included installing four rows of automatic stacking crane infrastructure, which required grading, paving, storm drain and Standard Urban Water Mitigation Plan compliance improvements, rail, installing fiber-optic and electrical conduits, and relocating high mast light poles and fire hydrants. The project also included facilitating the delivery, assembly, testing, and commissioning of automated shuttle carriers and automated rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs). DRC performed the following services:

  • Coordinated project meetings and prepared meeting minutes;
  • Prepared public presentations;
  • Prepared reports and presentations for the Board of Harbor Commissioners and senior management;
  • Managed documentation;
  • Prepared award applications and submittals;
  • Prepared and monitored grant applications and grant funding;
  • Processed documents: contracts, change orders, directives, and Board reports;
  • Reviewed contractor, vendor, and consultant invoices;
  • Assisted with preparing bid documents; and
  • Processed contractor RFI’s (Requests for Information) and submittals.

DRC’s efforts helped overcome critical project challenges:

  •  Construction in an operating terminal;
  • Coordinating seven other construction projects within and adjacent to the terminal with aggressive schedules and critical interdependencies;
  • Relocating existing utilities, e.g. oil and electrical;
  • Negotiating land use/lease arrangements during design and construction; and
  • Third-party coordination with federal, state, and local agencies.