Carson Regional Water Recycling Facility (CRWRF) Phase II Expansion Project – West Basin Municipal Water District, California



West Basin Municipal Water District 17140 South Avalon Blvd Suite 210 Carson, CA 90746 Don Zylstra, PE


Preliminary Engineering; Site Investigation; Coordination Meetings; Technical Memorandums; Stakeholder Negotiations; Civil and Mechanical Design; Preliminary and Final Design; Overall Site Plan; Preliminary Design Report; Construction Specifications

DRC, as a first-tier subcontractor, provided all engineering support services to examine the means for providing a potable water supply backup system for the nitrification process, if Title 22 water was unavailable. DRC’s work included coordinating with potable water supplier, California Water Services Company to determine the volume of water available and the means to obtain an additional supply; determining the means for connecting the potable water lines to the new nitrification system; and coordinating with the California Department of Public Health to design a suitable air-gap method that would connect potable lines to industrial systems. DRC then drafted a Technical Memorandum, documenting its findings and preliminary designs to be used during the final design phase. DRC also provided engineering support for writing the Preliminary Design Report, developing Final Design Drawings, and preparing Specifications. This work included developing Facility Site Layout Drawings, Yard Piping Drawings, General Civil Drawings, Civil Detail Drawings, and preparing the Construction Specifications. Drawings were developed using AutoCAD Civil3D 2010.