Cajalco Creek Dam And Detention Basin, Value Engineering Services



Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California



Geotechnical/Dam & Risk Analysis; Storm Water Sediment Detention Analysis; Value Engineering


DRC participated in a weeklong Value Engineering (VE) workshop for the Cajalco Creek Dam and Detention Basin project. The project was planned as a storm water detention basin and pollution control facility, sited at the eastern end of Lake Mathews near the terminus of the Colorado River Aqueduct. The intent of the facility was to impound runoff temporarily from the 25-square-mile watershed to allow settlement of sediment-borne pollutants and biological contaminants before release into the reservoir. DRC’s workshop participation helped develop and prepare a systematic team approach to improve the project’s functional design, settlement time, work methods, and life-cycle costs and to determine and solve potential problems while improving constructability and quality issues. DRC’s Value Engineering team included: geotechnical/dam analyst, civil/site/ architectural engineer, construction specialist, and cost estimator who worked under the direction of a Certified Value Specialist Facilitator. A set of procedures (i.e. job plan) was established by the facilitator with input from the team to review the project fully and methodically while ensuring that customer requirements were fully understood and reflected in a cost-effective solution. A draft Value Engineering Report with recommendations was prepared and presented to the client’s Management Panel. A final report was approved and submitted.