Watershed and Stormwater Management


Sustainable storm water management solutions must be cost-effective and watershed-based. A comprehensive approach tailored to specific watershed characteristics and integrating all related activities within the watershed including combined sewer overflows, sanitary sewer overflows, agriculture, and wellheads provides the best solution to the needs of the agency. This approach involves capitalizing on available storm water for beneficial use through the involvement of our experienced professionals working with agencies and defined stakeholders and then also coordinating storm water management with the management of ground and surface water.


We help our clients find optimal solutions by creating storm water utilities, developing comprehensive wet weather flow control plans, and providing program management services that leverage scarce municipal financial resources while maximizing the use of water resource assets. Our expert and multidisciplinary staff includes top storm water experts – engineers, biologists, environmental scientists, hydrologists, and computer modelers who helped state and local clients solve a wide range of storm water problems.


Our services include:

  • NPDES permitting and SWPPP development
  • Modeling: hydrology, hydraulics, and pollutant fate and transport
  • Design of eco-restoration: streams, wetlands, shoreline
  • Water quality assessments, sampling and control
  • Groundwater and wastewater treatment design
  • Treatability analysis studies
  • Design of freshwater barriers to prevent seawater contamination of groundwater
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Analysis Support
  • Flood control and drainage Design and Engineering
  • Stormwater management/BMP evaluation, planning and design
  • Flood plain management
  • Erosion control and Stream Bank Protection
  • Engineered wetlands
  • Dam stabilization
  • Dam Removal
  • Dam Safety Evaluation
  • Stream channel restoration design
  • Habitat and ecosystem restoration design
  • Regulatory compliance and support
  • Grant Writing