Terminal Island Wastewater Treatment Facility, Secondary Process Flow Equalization Project, City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation



City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works



Structural Engineering; Preliminary and Final Design; Construction Support & Oversight

DRC provided structural engineering and construction support services for the secondary process flow equalization project to improve the Terminal Island plant's secondary treatment capacity. The project included installation of submersible pumps at the aeration basins, a monorail system to move the pumps between different basins, step feed modifications, 24-inch and 16-inch pipelines, replacement of access platforms, pipe supports, equipment supports, and structural modifications to the existing concrete structures. During the preliminary design of the project various alternatives were investigated for the monorail system design to move the pumps between different basins. Corrosion, due to the adverse environment at the basins was an important factor in the material selection. New stainless steel platforms were designed to replace existing corroded aluminum platforms. All pipe supports were designed using stainless steel. All structural supports for pumps, monorail system, piping, and electrical equipment were designed to resist seismic forces anticipated at the plant per UBC.