Pier 400 Dredging and Landfill Design Project, Port of Los Angeles, CA



Port of Los Angeles


Conceptual Design, Preliminary and Final Design, Construction Services,

The Concept Design of Pier 400 is part of the design and construction for the navigation channel and landfill elements of Phase I in the Port of Los Angeles 2020 Plan. The navigation channel and landfill construction accommodates the initial need to provide access to the dry bulk and container terminals planned for existing Port land at Pier 300 and to accommodate navigation access and berthing requirements for facilities to be constructed in the Pier 400 Landfill. D R Consultants & Designers provided engineering support services during the Conceptual Design phase for the Dredge Channel and Landfill Plan and for the containment and berthing structures. Specifically, DRC assisted with developing design criteria for channel excavation and landfill performance, accounting for static, seismic, hydrodynamic, operational, and all other factors for the subsequent design of dredge/landfill stages. The project includes constructing approximately seven miles of deep draft navigation channels at depths ranging from 45 and 81 feet below Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) with two turning basins. Channel construction generated approximately 50 million cubic yards of dredged material that is being used to create approximately 582 acres of landfill at Pier 400. Our team developed three dredging and landfill schemes, each consisting of two stages. The first channel and landfill construction stage included dredging an entrance channel, main channel, and turning basin to the Pier 300 Dry Bulk Facility of 63-feet MLLW, a northern channel to Pier 300 Container Facility with a minimum depth of 45-feet MLLW.