Metro Rail Green Line Construction Management, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA)


Electrical Inspection, Technical Writing, Coordinating Contract Administration, Change Order Negotiation, Payment Verification, Document Control, Scheduling Services Utilizing Primavera and Primavision Software


This project entailed Construction Management of the $700-million Los Angeles Metro Green Line project that extends from Norwalk to El Segundo, California. It included all field operations, processing change orders, coordinating with public agencies, reviewing and approving record drawings, cost estimating, planning, and construction scheduling. D R Consultants & Designers, Inc. (DRC) inspected and examined all phases of construction for complex single or multiple projects, on and off site, to ensure compliance with contract specifications. DRC worked closely with and motivated the contractors to perform work according to every building standard, to stay on schedule, and, above all, to work safely. DRC submitted reports, recorded all significant job developments, and informed contractors of deficiencies. DRC inspected incoming materials and equipment, in the field or at the source, to determine qualitative and quantitative compliance with project documents. We were responsible for contract drawings, specifications, and applicable codes and standards as well as the field and laboratory testing procedures used by or related to the contractor. DRC avoided unnecessary disputes, but permitted no contract deviation without proper approvals. We developed inspection procedures and checklists, maintained control of contract revisions and verified use of the latest version, performed quality surveys for payments and/or other requirements, recorded a project history, and prepared supplemental reports as required. DRC also was responsible for technical writing, editing of memos, reports, procedures and documents for clarity, for preparing the Construction Management Plan, and for coordinating with Metro’s Resident Engineer and other members of its engineering staff.