Lower Mission Creek Flood Control Project – Reach 1A, City of Santa Barbara, California – APWA Project of the Year



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District

$37 Million


Quality Control Plan, Collection of Utility Data and Design Criteria, Site Investigation, Meeting Coordination, Environmental Mitigation, Hydraulic Analysis & Calculation, ECIFP, Civil & Structural Design, Specifications, Bidding Schedule, Permitting Requirements, Project Management, Unique Pile/Wall/Levee Design, MII Construction Cost Estimates, Construction Support to the County Public Works

DRC was the prime consultant on the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) Project of the Year in 2012: the Lower Mission Creek in the City of Santa Barbara, California, for improved flood control. It was widened 35 to 55 feet, from State Street, near the city’s pier, to Mason Street. Our team prepared designs, plans, and specifications for constructing this first reach sponsored by the County of Santa Barbara with USACE oversight. The project required significant environmental mitigation and constraints on surrounding habitat areas, fish habitat design, permitting, and oversight by a biologist. Final design material consisted of the Hydrologic Engineering Center-River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) model hydraulic design confirmation, environmental design confirmation, unique pile/wall design, levee design, channel design based on USACE criteria, structural calculations, contract drawings, specifications, MII (MCACES) quantity/cost estimate, DrChecks system project reviews, and Engineering Considerations and Instructions for Field Personnel (ECIFP). The APWA cited several factors for the award:

  • Unique Design/Construction: Adjacent to a hotel and restaurant, endangered species, and wetlands area required significant environmental compliance in a limited work area for equipment and required unique construction methods to meet those requirements. Designed and constructed required fish ledges within the creek for the gobie fish species; designed and installed a unique drilled pile system by the “flight-auger” method to reduce noise; and designed and integrated an aesthetically pleasing shotcrete wall system into the pile system to meet requirements of the city’s Blue Ribbon Committee.
  • Field Investigation: DRC gathered information regarding site conditions, utilities, preliminary engineering work, right-of-way requirements, design criteria, and visited the site to obtain data for drawing and photos for writing reports.
  • Design Analysis: DRC provided civil and structural design and resolved all outstanding design issues. This included organizing meetings to discuss outstanding issues and documenting resolutions that represented a commitment by all parties to the recommended design.
  • Final Design and Specification: DRC designed the proposed improvements for the existing Lower Mission Creek channel, including all design work associated with preparing and approving plans and specifications for Reach 1A of the flood control. DRC completed design of the channel’s geometry, grading, typical sections, storm drainage improvements, earth retaining walls, and any appurtenant features according to the approved design report and to the approved environmental documents.
  • Construction Cost Estimate and Bid Schedule: DRC prepared and furnished the construction cost estimate and bid schedule in MS Excel format and according the Bid Schedule structure.