Environmental Studies for California Forest Highway 105, Marysville Road, Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)



Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration



Biological Surveys; Wetland delineation; Report preparation

DRC prepared a biological survey for the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle, a wetlands delineation, and a report for the Central Federal Lands Highway Division, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWS) of the Department of Transportation. The work was performed on portions of California Forest Highway 105, Marysville Road, in Yuba County. Our staff performed the species survey and its elderberry food plant at all survey locations. We delineated wetlands at the Oregon House location, following the Corps of Engineers’ 1987 delineation manual and routine one-site determination methods. Our team drew the wetland boundaries on project mapping the FHWA supplied and prepared and submitted a separate Data Form No. 1 for each plant community type within the survey area. Reports outlined the precise location of all elderberry shrubs, their height and diameter, the presence of adult exit holes and the general condition of the plants; measured the diameter of the stems at ground level; and included a map indicating the major vegetation communities at each site where elderberry plants were found.




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