Front Street Beautification, Pedestrian, Bicycle & Street Improvement Project; Swinford Street to Pacific Avenue – Port of Los Angeles & Bureau of Engineering, California



Port of Los Angeles, 425 S Palos Verdes Street San Pedro, CA 90731 Sue Lai, PE (310) 732-3649


Conceptual Development, Neighborhood Council Outreach & Approvals, Preliminary Engineering, Rail Crossings/PUC Approvals, Landscape/Trees/Amenities, Kiosks/Pedestrian Facilities, Pedestrian Lighting, Meandering Walkway, Bikeway Design, Street/Parkway Widening, Right-of-Way Dedication, Right-of-Way Use Grant, Pavement Evaluation/Design, Curb and Gutter, Storm drain, Traffic Signal & Interconnect, DWP Power Pole Relocation, Street Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering, Los Angeles “B” Permit, Coordination Meetings, Technical Memoranda, Final Design PS&E, Construction Support.

$6 Million

In conjunction with the San Pedro Neighborhood Council, the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) has undertaken an extensive beautification effort of public property within the waterfront areas. Front Street is the extension of Harbor Blvd north of the SR-47 on/off ramp to Pacific Drive, a distance of approximately a half mile. The Front Street/Pacific Avenue intersection will include a Gateway Plaza design concept. The east side of the street is unimproved. Within its On-Call services contract, DRC, with NUVIS Landscape Architects on its team, provided concept development and design services for the parkway beautification, right-of-way mapping for property dedication and street widening of Front Street. The Front Street Parkway enhancement includes landscaped pedestrian walkways and amenities, palm trees, information kiosks, interpretive panels, pedestrian lighting, and a vine-shrouded fencing separation from the adjacent Yang Ming Terminal. The street improvement design includes street widening, geometric corrections, curb and gutter, storm drains, street lighting, power pole relocation, rail safety enhancements, bikeways, pedestrian traffic signal indicators, and new pavement. DRC prepared the final design plans, specifications, and cost estimates and helped secure a Los Angeles “B” Permit. DRC also provided construction support services. Members of our team participated in status meetings with the San Pedro Neighborhood Council for concept, preliminary, and final design reviews and coordination meetings with the POLA, the Bureau of Engineering, the Department of Water & Power, the Bureau of Street Lighting, and the Public Utilities Commission.