A-E Services With Emphasis On Civil Engineering For Civil Works Projects, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District


Civil/Structural Engineering, Architectural/Landscape Architecture Design, Flood Control/Coast/ Environmental Restoration, Hydrology/Hydraulics, Planning & Design, Geotechnical Services, Surveying & Mapping Services


As prime consultant, the USACE, Los Angeles District, awarded DRC a contract to include Architecture-Engineering services in civil works and military projects, primarily within the boundaries of the Los Angeles District (Arizona, southern California, and southern Nevada). DRC prepared design analyses, engineering appendices, and plans and specifications for flood control, coastal, and environmental restoration projects. DRC conducted field investigations; prepared hydrology, hydraulics, and geotechnical analyses reports; and provided civil, structural, architectural, and landscape architecture design, including value engineering. Our team delivered civil designs for urban flood control projects, including dams, levees, channels, and other flood conveyances. They prepared engineering reports, reconnaissance and feasibility studies, design documentation reports, and contract drawings. MCACES Gold was used for preparing preliminary and final cost estimates in the civil works breakdown structure.