Lynda Dachnowski




Ms. Dashnowski develops, directs, and implements the financial and accounting systems and affairs of the firm and prepares financial analyses of operations, including interim and final financial statements with supporting schedules, for the guidance of CEO and project management staff. Ms. Dachnowski is responsible for the development, implementation and continual enhancement of DRC's financial plans, policies its accounting practices, the conduct of its relationships with lending institutions and the financial community, the maintenance of its fiscal records, and the preparation of financial reports. She supervises general accounting, contract administration, property accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, project controls and budgetary controls.


Ms. Dachnowski establishes and maintains accounting policies and procedures to ensure that all financial transactions, contracts, project cost accounting and profitability are executed and documented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals. Development, analysis, and interpretation of statistical and accounting information in order to appraise operating results in terms of profitability, performance against budget, and other matters bearing on the fiscal soundness and operating effectiveness of the organization.